Learning Communities

Learning Communities provide value, resources and relevant clinical assistance to practices in a related community setting of their peers. In addition, participating providers can earn CME, ABP MOC, and CEU credits.

What do they teach?

In Learning Communities, PPOC-affiliated providers develop the ability to adopt best practices by learning:

  • processes  for reliable, proactive delivery of care;
  • effective management of medical expense;
  • methodologies for broadening strategic delivery of care to populations vs. individual episodes of care; and
  • strategies for achieving high patient satisfaction

It takes an average of 11 years for a best practice to be adopted, but Learning Communities have been shown to achieve meaningful change in less than six months. In 2012, Learning Communities helped the PPOC achieved significant improvement in well visit and chlamydia screening rates across the network.

Proven Value of Learning Communities

  • Achieve meaningful change in less than six months
  • Increase the reporting of safety events and near misses in pediatric practices
  • Decreased ED utilization and increased PCP and specialist-based care for common orthopedics and sports medicine injuries

What’s involved?

Learning Communities are a series of sequential, linked phases comprised of:

  • In-person didactic sessions and virtual attendance webinars
  • Process improvement coursework

For more information about Learning Communities, contact Alexander Lorenzo at 617-919-4001 or send a message.