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Patient Safety and Medical Home Manager: Cheryl Smith

Senior QI Consultant for Patient Safety: Nicole Pelletier

August 2019 Patient Safety Tip

Transitions of Care:  Inadequate follow-up after an inpatient hospitalization or emergency department visit can lead to unplanned readmissions, medical errors, inefficient care/duplicative testing, and/or prolonged potentially avoidable hospital stays.

For safe patient care, contact the patient/caregiver within 72 hours post-discharge to review:

  • The patient’s current health status
  • Their understanding of discharge instructions and recommended care
  • Pending test results
  • Follow up appointments
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Home services/equipment needs
  • Additional barriers to receiving care (e.g. transportation, cost)
  • What to do if a medical problem arises
  • Tip: Use a script

Document all follow-up telephonic conversations and call attempts in an Epic Telephone Encounter using the correct “Reason for Call”...

  • Discharge Follow-Up – Inpatient Admission
  • Discharge Follow-Up – ED
  • Discharge Follow-Up – Other

Tip: Create a standardized process to ensure all follow-up calls are made, such as the example here.