Message from the President

Welcome to the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s.

April 2019

The winds of change blow steadily in healthcare. The PPOC began in 1999 with a small number of practices in only a few towns in eastern Massachusetts. More than twenty years later, we have a membership of more than 500 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We practice in over 100 locations across the Commonwealth and have a presence on the north shore, the south shore and Cape Cod, all the way to the western border of the state.

We’ve learned that building our primary care network—one that partners with one of the best children’s hospitals in the world—is possible because of the quality of the providers in our network, and the quality of care they provide to their patients. As an independent practice association, our goal is to enhance member providers’ ability to deliver the highest quality patient care to the children they serve. We endeavor to strengthen our member practices’ delivery of clinical value to patients in ways that are compelling to them, and in ways that will ultimately be rewarded by payors. Technology and support of innovations are important enablers of these efforts.


Featured Pediatrician

Fred Kern, M.D.

At Bridgewater Pediatrics, we believe that our membership in the PPOC has  brought great value to our patients, staff, and providers. Participation in the excellent learning communities has improved our clinical skills, and helped us with office workflow issues.  The PPOC emphasis on patient safety has brought improvements in this crucial area.

Through our participation in the behavioral health program, our patients now have access to three BH providers. This has effectively eliminated barriers to behavioral healthcare for our patients. PPOC quality care initiatives help us improve our service to our patients and their families. Our membership in the PPOC has enhanced every aspect of our practice. We look forward to continued success and improvements in the future.


We serve pediatric physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in practices of varying geographies and demographics across the state of Massachusetts. We are a unique IPA in that we focus solely on pediatrics. Being part of the PPOC means being amongst fellow pediatric practitioners who are truly focused on providing the best care to the children we serve, the PPOC is focused on enabling our providers to do just that.


In a time when healthcare is ever-changing, achieving the No. 1 ranking reminds all of us at Boston Children’s what inspires us: It's about caring for children, digging deeper in research, and finding new ways to make our care even better. It’s also a reflection of the tireless work our team puts in every single day, providing the highest level of care and reassuring our families that we are here to help.

Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO
Boston Children's Hospital