Message from the President

The winds of change blow steadily in healthcare. The PPOC began in 1999 with a small number of practices in only a few towns in eastern Massachusetts. More than twenty years later, we have a membership of more than 500 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We practice in over 100 locations across the Commonwealth and have a presence on the north shore, the south shore and Cape Cod, all the way to the western border of the state.

We’ve learned that building our primary care network—one that partners with one of the best children’s hospitals in the world—is possible because of the quality of the providers in our network, and the quality of care they provide to their patients. As an independent practice association, our goal is to enhance member providers’ ability to deliver the highest quality patient care to the children they serve. We endeavor to strengthen our member practices’ delivery of clinical value to patients in ways that are compelling to them, and in ways that will ultimately be rewarded by payors. Technology and support of innovations are important enablers of these efforts.

In 2018, the PPOC saw incredible development as we completed a six-wave migration of our practices onto one electronic health record. Not to be outdone, we then conducted a full upgrade of this system at the very beginning of 2019. We are already reaping the rewards of being on one EHR, including interoperability with other health systems, and incredible data mining. This milestone in PPOC history enabled large scale capacity for health information exchange, established an infrastructure for business intelligence and reporting, and initiated another important step in offering truly integrated care to our patients. The PPOC now exchanges health information with 25 different organizations—a feat of interoperability!

The value we gain from a connection to the Hospital and its physicians’ organization allows us to collaborate with the best specialists in their fields. It affords us emergency management support when our practices need it the most. It allows our patients to receive the best medical care, and allows our providers the best-in-class continuing education.  We take quality very seriously, and offer Learning Communities centered around building advanced primary care in our practices so that more care can take place in the medical home at the primary care provider’s office—including behavioral health care—in turn reducing the number of emergency department and specialist visits that patients need to make, thus reducing total medical expense.  We are continuing to heed the changes in healthcare and respond to the shifting winds.

The network has made great strides in the past twenty years, and we’re only just getting started.

The PPOC is one of the largest pediatric primary care physician organizations in the country, with more than 360 pediatric primary care physicians, 130 nurse practitioners and physician assistants working in community-based practices in 105 locations throughout Massachusetts.

The PPOC network has spotlighted the need for all of us to strive for 'better.' To provide better communication, better patient engagement, better staff training, and most importantly to deliver the best care possible to our patients.

Julianne Nemes Walsh, DNP, PNP-BC
Bridgewater Pediatrics