Commitment to Research & Innovation

To advance pediatric medicine and better serve children and adolescents and their families, the PPOC plans and conducts its own stringently controlled research and quality control projects. We place our primary focus on areas that we determine are most in need of solutions and better clinical approaches.

Some of our publications include:

  • Correlation of Care Process Measures With Childhood Asthma
  • A Quality Improvement Program to Reduce Unnecessary Referrals for Adolescent Scoliosis
  • Effectiveness of an Asthma Quality Improvement Program Designed for Maintenance of Certification
  • Shared Care: A Quality Improvement to Optimize Primary Care Management of Constipation
  • Population Health for Children With Asthma: Time to Let Fresh Air In
  • The Pharmacy-Level Asthma Medication Ration and Population Health
  • Trends in Ambulatory Care for Children with Concussion and Minor Head Injury from Eastern Massachusetts between 2007 and 2013
  • Total Direct Medical Expenses and Characteristics of Privately Insured Adolescents Who Incur High Costs
  • Practice-Based Quality Improvement Collaborative to Increase Chlamydia Screening in Young Women
  • ‘Constipation Challenge’ Game Improves Guideline Knowledge and Implementation
  • Results of a Primary Care-Based Quality Improvement Project to Optimize Chart-Based Vision Screening for Preschool Age Children
  • A Telephone Intervention to Achieve Differentiation in Dietary Intake: A Randomized Trial in Pediatric Primary Care
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Two Education Strategies to Improve Screening for Eating Disorders in Pediatric Primary Care
  • Implementation of Instrument-Based Vision Screening for Preschool-Age Children in Primary Care
  • Appropriateness of Tympanostomy Tubes in the Boston Metropolitan Area: Are the AAO-HNSF Guidelines Being Met?
  • Educational Initiative to Standardize Concussion Management in Pediatric Primary Care
  • Enhancing Pediatricians’ Behavioral Health Competencies Through Child Psychiatry Consultation and Education
  • Primary Care Implementation of Instrument-Based Vision Screening for Young Children
  • Identifying Children at Risk of Asthma Exacerbations: Beyond HEDIS
  • Effect of Instrument-Based Vision Screening for 3-to 5-Year-Old Children on Referrals to Eye Care Specialists

We have also created a number of posters and presentations on similar topics.
Click here to download our complete list of publications.

I cannot speak more highly about the level of support and resources available to us for every facet of clinical operation that I and my staff have received from the PPOC throughout the process and these early months.

Irfan Rahim
Start Line Pediatrics